How to Get Cannabis Cultivation Jobs

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Cannabis Cultivation Jobs

Do you dream of becoming a professional cannabis grower? There has never been a better time to start a cultivation career in the fast-growing cannabis industry.

There are many cannabis job opportunities to break into the cultivation space in this relatively new industry, including marijuana trimmer and cultivation technician. If you have a green thumb and a passion for marijuana, a cannabis cultivation job is within your reach.

World-Class Cannabis Cultivation Training

In the cannabis industry, there is no standardized certification program to train employees. Students can choose from a variety of in-person and remote higher learning programs. Since 2009, Cannabis Training University has been at the forefront of cannabis education and training.

If you want to get hired as a marijuana grower, getting verified credentials from the most renowned training institute can help. Cannabis Training University’s cultivation program can teach you what you need to know about:

  • Setting up an indoor or outdoor grow space
  • Choosing the best grow equipment and supplies (lights, media, nutrients, pots, and irrigation system)
  • How to breed, clone, and germinate marijuana
  • How to train, prune, and care for cannabis plants
  • How to increase flower production
  • Troubleshooting garden issues like pests, nutrient disorders, and diseases
  • How to harvest, trim, cure, and store marijuana
  • Cannabis industry work permit requirements
  • Where to find cannabis cultivation jobs
  • How to write a cannabis resume and cover letter
  • How to get a cannabis cultivation license
  • How to create a cannabis business plan and pitch deck
  • How to start a cannabis cultivation business
  • Cannabis laws in every U.S. state and Canadian province
  • And much more!

Enrolling in Cannabis Training University is an affordable way to get the education you need today to start your career as a marijuana grower tomorrow!

How to Become a Professional Cannabis Grower

If you are looking for a more rewarding and exciting career, growing marijuana professionally is a viable option. As more states continue to legalize the drug and mature markets continue to grow, new job opportunities in marijuana horticulture will arise.

Making a bold career move toward the cannabis industry is possible, even if your cannabis growing is just a hobby. Ultimately, your knowledge, passion, and experience with marijuana plants can take you a long way.

Understand the Cannabis Plant

Even if you have been growing marijuana for a while now, it is never a bad idea to brush up on current techniques, technology, and research about the cannabis plant. Understanding the current state of marijuana cultivation can help you stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

Cannabis Training University’s Basics class provides you with the scientific terms you need to talk about marijuana plants and their life cycle, compounds, and effects.

The Basics class can fill in any knowledge gaps you may have about the plant. Learn about different varieties of cannabis (sativa, indica, ruderalis). Explore high-definition videos of top cannabis growers describing the breeding process.

Learn About Cannabis Cultivation

If you are a hobby grower, chances are you have experience with at least one grow system type. However, in commercial cannabis cultivation, growers use various grow systems, including soil-based, ebb and flow, greenhouse, aeroponics, and more.

Understanding the various cultivation methods used in commercial cannabis production can help job applicants have the knowledge to work at almost any cultivation facility, no matter what grow system they use.

Cannabis Training University’s Fundamentals of Cannabis Cultivation class can teach you everything you need to know. We cover every major commercial cultivation system type and provide handy flow charts to help you choose the best system for your home grow.

Explore New Grow Techniques

Once you have mastered the basics of cannabis growing, it is time to level up your knowledge with in-depth coverage about different grow techniques, from plant training to harvesting to curing and drying. Each method has unique requirements for success.

Cannabis Training University’s How to Grow Cannabis class provides students with detailed instructions on various grow techniques.

Students also receive access to 3 of Ed Rosenthal‘s cannabis ebooks, including Marijuana Grower’s Handbook, Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits, and Marijuana Harvest. Our selection of ebooks provides you with information provided by the world’s best cannabis growers.

Understand Commercial Cultivation

Understanding how a commercial grow facility operates is essential to get hired as a cannabis grower. It is necessary to understand the laws and regulations cultivation facilities must comply with and the plant tracking from seed to sale.

Cannabis Training University’s Cannabis Cultivation Business class teaches students the basics of starting a cultivation business. From financing to obtaining property to setting up an indoor or outdoor business, you will learn the inner workings of a cannabis cultivation company.

Research State and Local Cannabis Laws

No matter where you plan to apply, it is essential to know the current cannabis laws in your state. Regulations on cannabis employees vary by state. Some may require employees to get a work permit before they apply for a job. Others require specific training for certain jobs.

As the industry continues to grow, new states enter the market. In some states, the laws are not implemented yet. Cannabis Training University has updated information and government website links to keep you up-to-date with when companies in your state will start hiring.

Apply for a Cannabis Cultivation Job

Does your home growing experience count on your resume? Creating a concise and organized resume showcasing your direct experience is a vital step in the job-finding process. Without a resume, all your experience and skills will not be highlighted.

In addition, a cover letter is a necessary element of any job application, even if you are applying to be an entry-level trimmer. A cover letter stands apart from the resume and provides a narrative and additional context about your work experience and why you are the best for the job.

Cannabis Training University provides students with information about where to find cannabis jobs, how to create a resume, and how to ace the interview.

The course comes with downloadable Cannabis Resume Builder and Cannabis Cover Letter Builder Microsoft Word templates with the CTU information already added. It has never been easier to create your resume and cover letter for the cannabis industry.

A New Career In the Cannabis Industry

Having the right cannabis industry knowledge and skills can prepare students of all skill levels to work in a medical or recreational cultivation facility. Training from CTU can provide job applicants with the credentials they need to follow their dream to grow marijuana professionally.

Start Growing Cannabis Today!

Get your start as a cannabis grower in the most exciting industry in the world. Join thousands of other Cannabis Training University alumni. Enroll in CTU’s cultivation certification program and start your cannabis cultivation career today

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