20 Amazing Marijuana Industry Jobs

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Marijuana Industry Jobs

If you’re looking for an exciting career opportunity in the fastest-growing industry, check out these 20 amazing marijuana industry jobs. Getting a cannabis industry job has never been more accessible. Now that a majority of states have cannabis laws on the books, people from all walks of life can become a part of the green rush.

20 Marijuana Industry Jobs

1. Budtender Jobs

First on our list of marijuana industry jobs is a budtender. Budtenders are the most popular entry-level job in the industry. As a budtender, you must be knowledgeable about the different types of products and strains that the shop carries. It is up to you to answer any question a customer may have about finding the relief they need.

Budtenders must be friendly, outgoing, and able to develop a rapport with customers over time.  Dispensaries look for applicants with previous customer service, retail, or hospitality experience. Budtenders may also earn tips.

2. Trimmer Jobs

Cannabis trimmers are popular entry-level jobs in the cultivation segment. Trimmers must harvest the plants at the end of the growing season. They must remove the large fan leaves and carefully manicure the buds to get them ready for sale.

As a trimmer, you must be fast and precise and able to handle repetitive movements of manual tasks. You may be in charge of sorting, weighing, and preparing buds for the drying and curing process. Trimmers may be paid by the number of pounds they trim.

3. Master Grower Jobs

A master grower, also known as a head grower, is in charge of handling large-scale cultivation operations. From hiring the staff to training them to remain compliant in their work, master growers have a full plate of responsibilities.

They are in charge of ensuring the health of the crop from seed to sale. The job may require working with compliance inspectors, vendors, and clients. Master growers require a degree in botany or horticulture and several years of experience managing a cultivation facility.

4. Dispensary Manager Jobs

Dispensary managers run every aspect of a cannabis retail shop. They must know how to drive up sales while remaining compliant with state and local regulations. They are in charge of hiring experienced budtenders, security guards, receptionists, and inventory specialists to manage the store. While they may get paid handsomely, they require years of experience managing a facility.

5. Edibles Chef Jobs

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Cannabis Edibles

If you love to cook and you love weed, being an edibles chef may be the perfect job for you. As an edible chef, you will be coming up with new and exciting recipes with cannabis as the primary ingredient.

You will develop a wide range of baked goods and savory treats as well as beverages featuring consistent doses of weed. A culinary degree and years of kitchen management experience are preferred.

6. Extraction Technician Jobs

Extraction technicians perform tasks delegated by a head extractor or supervisor. These operators run high-tech closed-loop equipment that may use volatile solvents to produce cannabis extracts.

These extracts are the basis for edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and topicals. Ideally, the perfect candidate will have experience working in a lab and a degree in a related science field to safely run the equipment.

7. Dispensary Receptionist Jobs

If you are great at juggling multiple administrative tasks at a time, you’ll be an excellent receptionist at a dispensary or other cannabis facility. It is up to you to greet guests and customers, answer phone calls, answer emails, and other clerical duties.

In a dispensary, you may be responsible for checking a customer’s identification. Previous experience in reception is preferred.

8. Dispensary Security Guard Jobs

In a dispensary, cultivation facility, or processing site, a security guard is responsible for guarding the product and protecting personnel and guests. Because cannabis is a cash-only industry, the risk for theft and loss is higher than in most industries.

Security guards must patrol the premises, check who comes in and out of the establishment, monitor security footage, and other security tasks. Previous security or law enforcement experience is preferred.

9. Weed Delivery Driver Jobs

In certain cannabis markets, cannabis delivery is legal. As a delivery driver, it is up to you to manage multiple orders coming in at once and delivering their specified products in a timely manner right to their front door. You must check IDs, as well as handle cash and give customers change.

Delivery drivers may accept tips. Delivery drivers must have previous customer service experience. They must also have a solid driving record and driver’s license to work as a delivery driver.

10. Cannabis Packager Jobs

We are half way through are list of marijuana industry jobs and we have landed on a packager. If you are looking for an entry-level job that requires minimal experience, a cannabis packager may be the right job for you. As a packager, you will be working in the back of the house weighing, labeling, and packaging a wide range of products for distribution and sale.

Cannabis packagers must know the state’s labeling regulations to ensure each product is compliant with state rules. You may be in charge of loading products for sale and managing raw goods and inventory.

11. Master Extractor Jobs

Head extractors run an entire processing facility. From ordering equipment and supplies to hiring operators to run the systems, a master extractor handles the bulk of the duties at an extraction facility.

Head extractors must oversee the processing of extracts from biomass and ensure the operations are safe and efficient. If you want to get into this career, you must have an advanced degree in biochemistry or a related science field.

12. Cannabis Quality Assurance Specialist Jobs

Quality assurance specialists can work in a variety of cannabis establishments. Overall, your job is to ensure that strict production processes are followed and quality products are created at all times. Essentially, you must know the state and local compliance laws inside and out.

You must develop quality control standards and perform regular audits that include a review of equipment and SOPs. Ideal applicants have a Bachelor’s or advanced degree in a relevant field, as well as several years of experience in quality assurance.

13. Cannabis Inventory Specialist Jobs

As an inventory specialist or coordinator, you will help out with any inventory-related work. In general, you will be in charge of handling materials, finished goods, and any packaging goods. You must perform regular audits and reconciliation to have an accurate inventory.

Most importantly, you must be familiar with the state tracking system to properly document all necessary information. Inventory specialists can work everywhere from retail to cultivation to extraction facilities. Previous inventory experience is preferred.

14. Cannabis Grower Assistant Jobs

Cannabis Grower Jobs

Entry-level growers assistants are responsible for helping head growers and supervisors care for cannabis plants in an indoor or outdoor cultivation facility. Assistants will be responsible for handling a wide range of cultivation tasks from planting to harvesting the plant.

Tasks may include transplanting, feeding, watering, pest control, defoliation, and other maintenance tasks. While the job requires a lot of physical exertion, it can lead to higher-paying supervisor and management roles in cultivation.

15. Cannabis Sales Representative Jobs

For any cannabis establishment, a talented sales representative is responsible for selling products to other establishments. This position may be commission-based and can perform work remotely. It is up to you to contact possible clients, show samples, and handle the sales and scheduling of shipments.

As a sales representative, you may also have to set up demos and training for the establishment. Ultimately, it is about building relationships with clients and maintaining them over time. Ideally, sales representatives must have a few years of sales experience.

16. Edibles Kitchen Assistant Jobs

As an edibles chef’s right-hand person, a kitchen assistant will handle a variety of tasks related to kitchen operations. This may include the preparation of ingredients for production. All you may need is a current food handler’s card to start working.

You will be measuring ingredients, preparing pots for cooking, and may even have a hand in producing the edibles. You will be in charge of setting up the equipment, making sure the workspace is clean, and documenting production tasks.

17. Cannabis Accountant Jobs

Whether you’re working in-house or at an accounting firm, cannabis accountants work with financial documents and develop reports, internal audits, reconciliations, and tax preparations. A degree in accounting or finance is required along with several years in accounting.

You will be tracking vendor invoices and payments, reviewing sales orders, recording payroll, filing sales tax returns, and other financial tasks.

18. Cannabis Marketing Director Jobs

As a marketing director, coordinator, or another position in the marketing field, you will be responsible for handling many marketing tasks. You must be on top of marketing trends and assist with all marketing activities ranging from event planning to media advertising to promotional signage.

Possible marketing jobs include social media coordinator, cannabis writer, ads manager, and more. Marketers can assist with a range of brands and must assemble reports to track marketing activities. A degree in marketing, advertising, or communication is preferred.

19. Cannabis Human Resources Manager Jobs

Human resources managers and coordinators are responsible for a variety of human resource activities including recruiting and onboarding staff. You must handle projects like worker’s compensation, safety team training, and administration of benefits.

Human resources coordinators will be managing an entire staff of cannabis employees and handling any issues that come up. In addition, they are responsible for establishing a safe and open work culture. Ideally, two years of human resource experience is required.

20. Cannabis Lawyer Jobs

Last on our list of best marijuana industry jobs is a Lawyer. Whether you’re an in-house counsel or part of a law firm, you can use your law degree to help cannabis companies navigate the often challenging world of changing cannabis laws. As a lawyer for cannabis companies, you will consult and provide legal advice.

you must be experienced in handling business matters. Cannabis lawyers will help negotiate and draft contracts and deals related to the business. Any and all legal issues will be run by you to ensure everything is by the books.

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