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In the search for the best cannabis college certification program, students of all skill levels from around the world have many higher-learning institutions to choose from. In addition, each marijuana training program offers a different learning format such as in-person seminars or online training modules. Now, the question is: which certification program is right for you?

If you are trying to break into the fast-growing marijuana industry, cannabis college certification is an indispensable skill that can give you the competitive edge to stand out from the growing pool of job applicants. Our cannabis certification program guide can help you choose the perfect program to land you a cannabis industry job.

What Is a Cannabis College Certification Program?

Let us start with the basics. A cannabis certification program is an alternative to a traditional degree program. Unlike the years-long training involved with traditional degrees, certification programs are short-term and focus on a specific trade, in this case, the cannabis industry. The program is designed to give you the proper education and training to land a weed job.

In particular, cannabis colleges offer a complete curriculum that may include quizzes throughout. At the end of the program, you are required to pass a final exam to receive the physical certification. This certification is proof that you retained the knowledge and are ready to start working in the industry.

Since the cannabis industry is still federally illegal and there are no standards in cannabis industry training, certification programs are a valuable alternative to attending an in-person college or university. A marijuana certification program can help job applicants enter the industry in any segment, get promoted, or improve their salary.

Choosing the Right Cannabis Certification Program For You

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Cannabis certification

Essentially, a cannabis college certification program gets you up-to-speed on specific segments of the industry or the industry as a whole, depending on the training program. Choosing the right certification program for you is entirely personal but there are some considerations to keep in mind.

  • Cost: Certification programs differ in cost and are considerably less than a full-on degree at a college or university. Costs range from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per course. Ultimately, the certification program you choose must be within your budget and give you plenty of value for the price.
  • Learning format: Do you prefer in-person training or in online learning formats? Each method of instruction has its advantages and disadvantages. In-person training can tend to cost more and requires a fixed schedule while online training may not be as hands-on but gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace on your own time.
  • Course content: Consider the course material covered in each program. Often, programs may only cover a single subject such as cultivation, extraction, medicine, and other specific subjects. In other cases, programs may provide a comprehensive overview covering several subjects to give students a well-rounded education of the industry. Consider what you need to learn to get the job you want.
  • Access time: How long is the certification program? Some training may last a weekend or a few weeks or months. Other programs may give you up to a full year of access to the course material. Ideally, you will choose the program that gives you the most amount of time, so you can fully absorb the information and have time to pass the final exam.
  • Reputation: All marijuana certification programs are not created equal. Some are more renowned than others. Check out the student reviews and, if possible, talk to students who have completed the certification and see how they have fared in the job market. Ideally, you want to go with the most renowned cannabis college that can be instantly recognized by hiring managers when they are looking over your resume.

Best Cannabis College Certification: Cannabis Training University

For the best value and quality, Cannabis Training University’s (CTU) online marijuana training program provides a wealth of resources for students of all skill levels. CTU covers every major aspect of the cannabis industry including the following course topics:

  • Cannabis cultivation
  • Cannabis extraction
  • Cannabis laws
  • Cannabis as medicine
  • Cannabis careers
  • Cannabis business

Whether you want to get hired as a budtender at a medical or recreational retail shop or you want to become an entry-level trimmer or assistant grower at a cultivation site, CTU gives you the knowledge you need to excel in nearly any segment of the industry.

Some of the benefits of enrolling in CTU include:

  • 100% online learning
  • 12 months of access time
  • Affordable Cannabis Courses
  • Over 100 in-depth lessons and cannabis videos
  • More courses than any other cannabis college
  • 100% legal worldwide
  • 24-hour support
  • More graduates than any other cannabis school
  • More students in cannabis jobs than all other cannabis colleges combined

To get the best value and quality from your cannabis college, trust Cannabis Training University. It stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

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